With teams, you can collaborate with your coworkers in setting up, testing and observing your template endpoints.

Inviting a new member

When you create an account on Make we will automatically create you a default team. For that default team (as well as any subsequent teams you create) you can invite as many members to that team as you wish.

To invite a new member, do the following:

  • Once logged into your Make account, click the Team Settings () button to access your team settings or click here.

  • Scroll down to Members

  • Click Add New Members

  • Type in the email address of the person you wish to invite and hit Send.

  • Make will send an invitation link to that person, once they accept they will authenticate with their Github account and will then be added to your team.

team members section

Changing your team name

To customize your team name click on the Team Settings () button (or click here) and then under the Basic Settings edit the Team Name input.

team name input

Creating a new team

Creating a new team is a great idea when you want to isolate a range of template endpoints for a particular customer or implementation.

To do so, from the team selector (which will be available in the top left hand corner of the screen), click on Create a new team or click here.

team selector

Removing a member from a team

To remove a member from a team navigate to the Team Settings () page (or click here), scroll down to the Members section and click on the More () button next to the user and click Remove from team.

Members cannot remove the Owner from a team, however they can remove other members. Members can also remove themselves from a team.

remove user modal

User levels

Within a team there are two user levels.

  • Owner: As the name suggests, the person who creates the team owns the team.
  • Member: Members have all the same capabilities as Owners, however they cannot remove an Owner from the team.

Deleting a team

The functionality to remove a team is currently under construction. In the meantime if you wish to delete your team, please send us a message on Twitter and we can delete your team.


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