Importing a template

Importing from Github

Once you have built a template (or forked one of the starter templates) you can import into Make.

Import template screen

  1. Log into with your Github credentials.
  2. Click + Import Template
  3. Choose from one of the repositories.
  1. Define a name for the imported template
  2. Define the path to the built folder (ie. /build)
  3. Import!

After clicking import Make will grab all built assets from Github and host them on our secure servers, ready to accept Make requests.


Settings for a template

If at you need to update your template you can do the following.

  1. Make any template app updates
  2. Build the application
  3. Push to Github repository
  4. Merge with master branch
  5. In Make go to the dashboard of the template that has been updated and click Settings
  6. Click Refetch

This will trigger a re-import of the newly updated and built assets.


Building a template


API Reference